Shallet is a revolutionary model that changes the paradigm by which the average person thinks about their own pictures.

Through a mobile app, users can buy and sell their pictures’ underlying rights. The sale of shares is regulated by a referral scheme that motivates users to promote their photos to friends to make money, which increases viral transactions and thus creating a self-perpetuating and profitable cycle.

Each picture sold within the app is published on ShalletStock, a micro-stock agency that sells the pictures sold on ShalletApp. The rights-holders receive royalties on the  pictures sold through ShalletStock, generating further revenues.



Senior Marketing Digital Professional with strong P&L background. Prior to join TheOutplay to look after the Content & Consumer strategy, Francesco acted as Bwin Country Manager in Italy, CEO & Managing Director of King Italia, prior to its acquisition from Digital Bros. His past 10 years of work was focused in growing digital business through innovative user adoption and mobile application monetization strategies, Francesco is graduated in Law and holds an MBA at the Politecnico di Milano

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