Myntelligence is a Data Intelligence solution that enables Companies to acquire online data when users browse on their site, mobile app, or are watching an advertisement on any site.

These data are used for targeted advertising and for CRM data enrichment. Unique user tracking technology, based on device fingerprints, makes Myntelligence the perfect solution, gleaning long lasting user data that become part of the Company’s intangible assets, and shifting the traditional digital marketing spend into Capex, thus augmenting the Ebidta.

As a platform, Myntelligence offers an end2end suite with Web Analytics, DMP and Meta DSP features.



Profound Digital Media expert. He started in media and IT law firms for several years in London. In 2002 he joined HP where he held strategic marketing management role both in EMEA and worldwide. In 2008 , he joined the group as General Manager and in 2010 he become a partner. With more than 15 years of expertise in the digital industry he is now leading the IT and Product company of the group. Carlo has a law degree and a Master Science in Media and Technology.

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