We grow companies that, through their business model, introduce a distinctive and disruptive element, which challenges the status-quo of an industry.

Gagoo helps the growth of each of the Portfolio’s companies to become the best choice for large corporations looking to fulfil their growth and digital transformation strategy.

By the numbers
Overall Clients and Partners

450 +

Overall People

245 +

Portfolio revenue growth p.a.

≈ 48%


Gagoo means good, satisfied, happy and is often associated with a baby beginning to learn how to speak. Gagoo nurtures projects which are growing and demonstrate great potential, projects which are worth “nursing” until they become mature enough to “fly solo”.

Founders of Gagoo blended their distinctive Italian flavour with a deep understanding of the international market, and strong drive and discipline to all their businesses.

"Our game is to introduce distinctive and disruptive digital business models which challenge the status-quo of the industry"
— Andrea Pezzi — Founder & CEO


Every new company is the result of profits and accomplishments from previous ventures. The founders' initial investments naturally led to the launch of TheOutplay, the first successful startup, soon followed by Myntelligence and, today, Shallet and Cucu Sports.

We believe that a sound investment derives from acumen, passion and experience, not from money. These are the characteristics we incorporate in our ventures, and which we seek in all our partners and business associates.

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